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5 Best Places to Visit in Asia

February 8, 2012 |


Asia as the largest continent on earth also hosts many destinations for people to visit. These places include mega-metropolitan cities and even remote islands. Its top destination spots portray Asian culture and ancient history. With so many to choose from, it is quiet tasking to get to decide on a specific destination. However, all tourists are always satisfied with the affordable budget travel. Asia is a wonderful place and has some of the few worlds’ most beautiful places to visit. It is very rich with various cultures and has a history behind every feature.

The following are the 5 best places to visit while on the Asian continent:

1. Bali

For many years now, Bali has been a dream place for honeymooners. It shows detailed Asian culture through its ancient temples, luxury hotels and beaches. The culture portrayed all over Bali, is rich and special with their Barong dance. It is made of a rugged interior landscape that many adventurers and nature-lovers find experiencing and amazing. Bali’s handicrafts and goldsmith works are also amazing and attractive. The accommodation is at very fair and affordable rates at most of its independent hotels.

2. Thailand’s Chiang Mai

Many people prefer this Thailand’s beautiful northern capital over Bangkok which they consider hectic. Most of the tourist activities within the budget travel go down within Chiang Mai. The town hosts the orange-robed monks from the various temples. Other activities in this Asian town include Asian cultural festivals, night markets and mountain trekking among others. Millions of tourists are attracted to this capital every year and they always plan to go back (Image by  Martin Kaftan).


3. Phuket

Of recent, Phuket has been on the better spotlight when compared to Bangkok, because of its exceptional scenery. The landscape is made of green hills, cerulean waters and beige beaches, making it a paradise with few competitors. In addition, accommodation is very affordable hence convenient for all types of personalities.

4. China’s Beijing

Many people love it as it is the major capital of China with detailed ancient history. It has amazing world heritage sites such as the Forbidden City and the Great Wall. These sites make a vacation in Beijing worth every moment. It is quite exciting to be involved in the craziness of the city’s crowd. Walking and wandering the busy streets can be enjoyable and addictive and not unpleasant (Image by Mr. FRANTaStiK).


5. India’s Goa

Goa is the smallest but wealthiest Indian state because of the abundant tourism. It was once just a place for hippie Asian culture and electronic music fans. However, it has grown into a complex destination in Asia with proper ancient history. Currently, many of its perfect beaches from relatively untouched to highly structured ones draw tourists away from Delhi and Mumbai.

In general, anyone can enjoy Asia and its ancient history from an affordable budget travel. The continent ensures visitors enjoy a rich cultural experience, visit historical sites and meet friendly people. Visitors also have an opportunity to see the ancient ways of life alongside the busy modern city life. Actually, a vacation to Asia surely refreshes and gives an insight to some of the most admired sites and breath-taking sceneries of the world.

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