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5 Affordable Destinations for 2014

January 11, 2014 |


With glorious public places, amazing foods, theme parks, unparalleled museums and beaches, the access to these famous world vacations is the price tag. This year however you will not have to worry as there are numerous places you can visit and enjoy interacting with culture rich locals, both far flung and near places in 2014. New attractions, dipping hotel rates, and quite affordable sights make these ten cities the most ideal for you to travel to this year.

South Africa

Famous for its world renowned but recently fallen hero, Nelson Mandela, South Africa is actually a must visit this year. You will be able to pay your last respect to the recently buried leader of the South Africans. From there you can consider to go for a wildlife tour and see the big five and the boulders habitats of the freely roaming penguins. Hotels rates have gone down by an amazing 8% and this is a wonderful time to enjoy the lower prices.


Like in South Africa, Venice hotel rates are down this year, you can visit and see the captivating city of canals’ you will enjoy to visit Piazza San Marco or go for a Gondola trip. The Sansovino library, the Ducal Palace, the lion of saint Mark and the Statue of Saint Theodore are other important places that mark Venice and make it a must visit. You might consider going to Guggenheim museum which portrays works of great scholars and personal collection from iconic people like Dali and Pollock. You can also consider getting to Murano via water and witness blowing of traditional glass and you can actually buy a fancy glass in this place (Image by Iselines).


Dominican Republic

This island is a paradise full off affordable and all inclusive resort. The Dominican Republic 2014 visits include all other beaches with exception of Tulum and Cabo which are for the filthy rich masses. You will enjoy living in five star hotels like Majestic Colonial Beach Resort which is currently charging an affordable $212 for two people per night. You can also visit Los Haitises National park which is composed of Cano Hondo, a protected virgin forest. You can rent one kayak at three dollars and enjoy gliding past lagoons and major mangrove canals. There are also pelicans and the endangered leatherback turtle for you to see.

Buenos Aires

Also called “Paris of South America”, Buenos invites you to first eat and tango. You will enjoy the cosmopolitan feel and getting to the great museums, major historical sites and participating in the amazing night life. This year, hotel rates are eight percent lower than they actually were in 2013(Image by Jose Téllez).



This great universal and home to Disney sea world is another great to be this year as the hotels rate are at seven percent discount. You will like being in the big three Theme Park, which have been re-branded and are even better this year. The ride 3-d, fantasy land at Disney world and seven dwarf mine trained are all scheduled to open this year. Orlando is truly the place to be.

Travel far and wide this year in some of these great travel destinations. you will definitely fall in love with traveling to these places.


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