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5 Affordable Accommodation Options In Tokyo

November 24, 2012 |


In an expensive city like Tokyo hotels and resorts can be quite expensive, a luxury hotel can go for as much as 1000$ per night while mid range hotels can go for approximately 300 dollars. This poses a challenge for a budget traveler and can frustrate your efforts of looking for nice but affordable accommodation services. In most affordable accommodation in Tokyo, some facilities like the bathroom are actually shared. Here’s a list of best affordable accommodations services that you can really rely on during you trip.

New Koyo

New Koyo has had the reputation of having unbelievably some of the best and most affordable rates in the city. Double rooms which are considered to be more expensive go for $ 44; this is pretty cheap for any Tokyo hotel. Room amenities include a TV set, and free internet in the lobby. You can also be rented a bicycle for ¥500 per day. Due to their incredible and affordable rates, rooms tend to fill up quickly s it’s thus recommended you make reservations in advance.

Sakura Hotel

Though not as cheap as new koyo, Sakura hotel is another low priced hotel that’s quite affordable. With single rooms going at $55, Sakura is the place to be, they also have other rooms that include double rooms, twin rooms that are complete with bunk beds and dorm oriented rooms that go for as cheap as $35 per person. Their rooms are air conditioned and also feature other amenities like a 24 hour café, internet café and a Laundromat. They also have a website that you can read more and make your reservations from (Image by Mattia Panciroli).


Tokyo International Youth Hostel

Many people fail to realize that you hostels don’t have some age brackets allocated to them; they are open for all ages. At this Tokyo international youth hostel, the situation is similar, all rooms and bathrooms are mutual. Guest who are above fifteen years pay 32 dollars per day while for guests who are below fifteen years, each pays eighteen dollars per day. reservations via mail is accepted if it’s three months in advance, while for phone and fax they require you make a reservation of two months prior visit.

Capsule Hotel

Capsule hotels are very popular among most tourists visiting Tokyo; this is due to their affordable rates. Every guests has his own small sleeping space that’s being referred to as a capsule which features a radio, alarm clock, TV set and adjustable lighting. There is just enough room to keep some of your items like books and the cell phone. Bigger luggage’s can be stored in lockers that are outside the capsules. Rates are quite cheap and affordable (image by sftrajan).


Consider Rental Apartments

There are nice accommodation facilities that you can rent irrespective of the number of days you are visiting Tokyo. Rental apartments are quite affordable, convenient and more spacious than most Tokyo hotels. You can also check out apartments swapping companies on the internet.

Tokyo is quite expensive and this calls for the need to look out affordable accommodation for you to save that extra coin. This will go a long way to ensure your trip and travel in Tokyo is well taken of.


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