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4 Top Family Adventure Travel Ideas in Switzerland

June 23, 2013 |


Switzerland is a perfect country for travelling with your family, what makes it a favored travelling destination is its all year round pleasant weather that enables you to exploit and go for crazy adventures in various places like Alps and Jura mountains. Here are some of Switzerland top family travel ideas.

Museum of Natural history

Located in Geneva, Switzerland capital, the museum is home to over 200 species of exotic birds and eighty species of mammals. This makes it the largest museum in Switzerland. Your children will love the dinosaur exhibits which display actual dinosaur skeletons. Minerals and the geology of Switzerland are also showcased; in addition you will see the dioramas of the Antarctica and Arctic regions. The museum opens from Tuesdays to Sundays and run from ten to five pm. you don’t have to worry about admissions as entry is free. You will find this place to be quite exciting as you will learn many things that you thought you know. Young or old, the museum is an ideal site and a must visit for family travel (image by Doug Barber).


Zurich Zoo

Zurich zoo is an exciting family place irrespective of the age difference between you and the children.  The award winning zoo is one of the few left zoos that have animal collections from all over the world, giraffes, elephants, lions’ name it and you will find it in the zoo. Your family can also participate in other exciting activities like elephant cleaning after circumnavigating the zoo. There is also a petting zoo that features goats, pigs, and sheep and ponies that will keep your family entertained. A kid’s playground is a paradise for them. You can go to the zoo with packed food and site a picnic or you can enjoy delicacies from the delightful restaurants in the area. A gift shop completes your visit. Gate charges are quite affordable, ten dollars for children and twenty dollars for adults. Kids below age of six are waivered off the charges.

Alps and Jura mountains

The adventure associated in exploring these great mountains will be great for your family and they will live to tell sweet tales of Switzerland.  Accessibility is Switzerland key success as you can get there by train, road or air. Mountain hotels that are excellently designed will provide some of the best hospitality services you would ever think of in the world. Rooms are quite spacious and meant for all. Holiday packages are also common all year round (Image by Grandgi).


Mount Pilatus

A family adventure in Switzerland will not be complete without visiting Mount Pilatus in Lucerne, from its top you will have a beautiful vies of the Swiss Alps mountains. Every member of your family will fall in love with this exciting adventure that’s an ideal addition to Switzerland itinerary family travel. Accessing the mountain is quite easy as you can go via Europe’s steepest cog railway or by a cable car. As adults you will be fascinated by the awesome photo worthy view while children will love the adventure that they only read in books.

Do you want to treat you family with a lifetime adventure that will forever live in their hearts; Switzerland is the place to be. Equipped with these four top ideas you are good to go.


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