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4 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Russia

January 15, 2014 |


St Petersburg and Moscow are some of the most popular honeymoon destinations in Russia.  The best time to travel for honeymoon in Russia is between August and July as they happen to be the warmest months. In winters temperatures in St Petersburg and Moscow get to as low as 0 degrees Celsius while summers have an average of 24 degrees Celsius.  Here are some four best honeymoon destinations in Moscow

1. St Petersburg Russia

This great place has been a favorite tourist destination for honeymooners and has been recording increasing trends from 2010. St Petersburg, located in the northern capital, it’s considered to be Russia’s most romantic city. You will love to see palatial architecture, Gulf of Finland, and the imperial grandeur, waterfronts, broad avenues and movable bridges that signify Russia’s great milestones. You will enjoy romantic rides in horse drawn carriages, flights in manned hot air balloons and riverboat trips to River Neva. Great accommodation facilities are offered on hotels like the Chaplain, Yesenin and Nicholas II. The Northern capital hotel carries the day as being the best honeymoon destination for couples (Image by Olga Sokolova).


2. Transsiberian

You can get to the Transsiberian while riding on a luxury train this will make the honeymoon more romantic as you will enjoy sightseeing great places along the rail. Golden Eagle is the most preferable train for honeymooners; the train will take you past the Ural Mountains, vast steppes in central Asia, rocky landscape in Altai to Lake Baikal, the world deepest lake. You will enjoy crossing eleven time zones and great distances that approximate to 8,000 miles, the journey normally takes two weeks, and this will mark great time for you and your loved one. Along the way you will enjoy great excursions to Central Russia and other stop over cities until you reach the Pacific Ocean. Cabin compartments are comfortable and clean and offer three delicacy meals a day.

3. Altai

Little known Altai should be your next honeymoon destination, you can consider to go for some of the most romantic horse riding in this region that borders Mongolia. Paradise tours are also available for those who value being comfortable as opposed to adventure. Air cost is quite high though it will be in-turn compensated by the cheap or low priced housing. With just $450 per person per week, you are entitled to a wooden house in the woods, tents for two, complete meals, equipments and to crown it all your own horse. Cedar taiga, snow capped peaks, alpine meadows, pristine local nature and waterfalls among others are some of the spectacular views you will love to see every day. Expect a Russian bath, a  fireplace and a table of local food (Image by  Denis Bogomolov).


4. Baikal: Yachting and Meditation

As a couple you will enjoy to be on the banks of world’s largest lake where you can enjoy great adventures and photography. As lovers you can bask in the sun that lasts for more than 300 days in a year. You will enjoy bathing in warm waters from Altai’s hot springs, walking in Baikal Mountains, windsurfing, traveling, and fishing in two passenger boats. You can also hire bikes, cars, kayaks, boats and yachts from spa hotel around the place.

Your honeymoon experience Russia in will definitely be the best in the world.


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