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10 Amazing Good-to-have Facts about Southeast Asia

June 23, 2016 |

Southeast Asia

For the longest time, Southeast Asia has been a popular destination for budget-conscious tourists that want get the most out of their dollar and couple this with a magnificent experience. The region is filled with luxurious and affordable hotels, taste boggling cuisines and a wide array of beaches and historical sites. If you would like to go to one place that offers you a superstar experience without having to globetrot, then Southeast Asia would be it. Even better is because, you would not have to spend as much as you would in some of the other destinations. 

Before you pack up and hit the airport, there are some facts that you should be aware of that would come a long way in helping you be a more prepared tourist and make the most of your time down south.

1. Hotels

For most tourists, the greatest challenge that face is accommodation. In some destinations, this can be superbly expensive with very little to offer. Luckily, southeast Asia is not like most of the other destinations. Accommodation can be as little as $2 a night in a guesthouse with a mattress on the floor. If you feel like splashing on better accommodation that that, start with Traveloka.com where you can find various options.  The best part is, hotels are not only affordable but they also give you value for your money.

2. Food

Most people will travel just to get a taste of the different cuisines that different regions have to offer. Eating in Southeast Asia is going to be one of the best experiences. You can eat from the streets, in restaurants and even in hotels. The region has an amazing array cuisines and, there are very high chances of getting dining guides that are written in English because of the frequency of such tourists. This makes your experience here much more lovable and easier especially with the hospitality industry.

3. Cheap

Want a place where you can really stretch your buck? This is it. For about a dollar or two, you can get accommodation. Decent food will set you back below one dollar and getting here is not expensive either. If you want a low budget destination that will not see you wipe your bank account to have a good time, Southeast Asia would be your best bet.

4. Flights

Flights to and within the region are relatively cheap. One of the local flights even offers a pass that you can use to go back and forth up to ten times for just $160. The flights are frequent and you might want to choose your destination carefully for better planning especially when you intend to visit a bunch of the countries.

5. Border crossings

In the region you will have access to other countries like Thailand, Singapore, Timor-Leste and many others. The best means to cross from one country to the next is to use the night-time buses that get you across for next to nothing. The roads are decent enough for travel and even though it might be a long ride, you get to save a lot.

6. Temples

One of primary attractions that the region has to offer are the great and ancient temples some of which are still inhabited by monks. From the Angkor Wat which is the largest temple with a mind-blowing history, to the Golden Urn which houses the remains of a Buddha, Temples in southeast Asia are the best place if you’re hunting for nerve-chilling historical stories and facts.

Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia

7. Islands and beaches

Southeast Asia happens to have a great number of beaches and islands. In fact, Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago with over 17,000 islands. And that is just one country. Beaches and parties are the main reasons people visit Southeast Asia hence, you can rest assured you will have enough of those.

8. Visas

Before visiting, you should know the countries that you intend to visit. Despite them being in the same region, the visa requirements differ. For instance, for the case of Thailand if you’re staying less than 30 days, you can get a 30-day stamp. Other countries like Cambodia and Laos will charge you $20 and $35 respectively for the visa. In countries like Vietnam, you have to get the visa beforehand. You can also apply for a visa-on-arrival before you leave. Just be sure to understand the visa terms in your country of choice.

9. Seasons of travel

Even though the region is the same, the weather patterns are as diverse as the islands and mountains that flock the region. While it might be a dry season in Phuket, Koh Samui is experiencing monsoons. The season of travel will depend with the areas that you would like to visit. In most of the areas, January seems to be the best time. For Indonesia and Koh Samui, April to October are great months to visit. You might want to check on the weather patterns of your desired countries of destination to pick out the best time to visit.

10. Buddhism

Buddhism is a large part of the history and present of most of the countries in the Southeast Asia region. In countries like Thailand, every male is expected to be a Buddhist monk at a certain time of his life. It is not only a religion but also a great piece of the history upon which the great temples and history of the region are built on.


Whether you’re a backpacker or a tourist that is looking for a great time, without a doubt, the Southeast region of Asia will be most appealing to you. From the elephant rides to the scenic beauty that is Halong Bay, the white and sandy beaches in Ko Phra Thong and the biodiverse Borneo Rainforest, the region has an excellent surprise waiting to be discovered neatly tied for every anxious tourist.


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